Recent Assignments

Leadership Development

Designed and coordinated blended learning programmes for Head teachers and Leaders in Education to develop and enhance leadership & communication skills

Strategy facilitation

Supported leadership groups by providing a game plan, process, tools and hands on facilitation to develop strategy, drive cultural change and ensure outcomes achieved.

Training Design & Delivery

Developed workshops and programmes for all groups of employees both in the UK and worldwide including Challenging Conversations, Strategies for Working with Conflict; Managing People; Influencing strategies; Coaching skills; Improving Personal Productivity & Wellbeing

Leadership & Communication Skills Programme Facilitation

Part of the European Faculty, delivering a series of programmes across Europe for a Professional Services Firm. Programmes are designed to include main room facilitation for large groups, small group facilitation, team and individual coaching pre- and post-programme, including 360 feedback analysis and follow up. 16 programmes delivered, 80 days facilitation, 164 hours of coaching.

Listening to Anna Debenham today on TedTalk. We all have the power within us. Don’t let life just happen to you! Inspired by her words today πŸ’• @eko_trust

Trying new activities and different approaches can really boost our mental well-being πŸ’‘πŸ‘

Join us for #NewWaysNovember and discover daily actions to help you find new ways forward 🌈

Our #LeadLondon conference is off to a great start this morning despite the weather. Our leaders are presently discussing emotional intelligence, leadership styles and 'what makes a leader?' with @meabiz.


Room with a view…. Ready to explore organisation values and culture with the #leadlondon programme @LETTA_TSA @eko_trust @MulberryTH

In person at last coaching outside with the wonderful @earlhamps SLT @eko_trust πŸ¦β˜€οΈπŸ§˜πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Coming up soon: 3 brilliant seminars from 2 fantastic female CEOs, @RebekahIiyambo from @eko_trust and Emma Nicholls from Leading Learning, in discussion about getting the best for all.

Celebrate #IWD2021 with us.




How much of a gift is feedback.... beautiful morning for walking coaching even if it was on the phone. @Pfizer_UK β˜€οΈ

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