Working effectively and performing in teams is integral to the success of most businesses and organisations. My passion for understanding the dynamics of team working and the ingredients for developing high performing teams started over many years of playing in and leading sports teams and continued working in and with business teams.

Typical issues that I hear from my clients are:

“The team won’t work effectively together”
“They stay in their silos and can’t see any other perspective”
“They expect me, as the leader, to sort all the problems in the team”
“I want the team to be more proactive and take the initiative”
“Our meetings are a waste of time; we don’t achieve anything”
“We can’t achieve this huge change by working individually, we have to work as one”

By harnessing the potential of each individual and establishing teamworking principles, behaviours and practices, teams can move from being dysfunctional to delivering substantial results. As well, team members move from resenting the time they spend with their colleagues to actually creating and relishing time together & learning from each other.

“Most teams aren’t teams at all but merely collections of individual relationships with the boss. Each individual vying with the others for power, prestige and position.” Douglas Murray Mcgregor

Margaret has managed to positively challenge the thinking of members of the team who were otherwise hard to shift, enabling them to think about how their leadership behaviour affects the people around them as a catalyst to develop different ways of working. She has encouraged members of the team to take on new challenges and fly with these. She has effectively enabled members of the team to adapt their own personal organisation and management, so that minor tweaks have massive payoffs in productivity.

Rebekah Iiyambo

Headteacher, Kaizen Primary School


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