We specialise in working with executive leaders who are experiencing tricky situations.

Is the people part of your job taking you too much time? 

Are you new to role and not sure how to get the best from your team?

Are you stuck knowing what to do next?

Clients Working with us have found

  • They can achieve more as a team
  • Improved staff engagement
  • More time and better work-life balance
  • More clarity in their role and a greater sense of purpose
  • Greater focus for the best outcomes
  • More fufilment at work
  • They can differentiate themselves in the marketplace so they can grow their organisations

What our clients say: 

My team grew almost overnight from 3 to 8 people. Whilst everyone got on and enjoyed the social side of work, we didn’t have much clarity over who was responsible for what and the team didn’t feel it was their place to challenge the leaders. Working with Margaret we implemented a new structure and discussed openly who needed to be involved in each activity and where the responsibilities lay. We now have much greater transparency in activities and tasks, and openness. As a result, we are achieving so much more as a team. Margaret’s impact has been so significant that the team will continue to work with her moving forward, as we continue to grow and develop into a learning organisation.

Ben Sperring

Director , LETTA TSA


Coaching with Margaret has enabled me to maintain personal and professional strength and courage during the period of lockdown. I find our walking coaching enables me to reflect at depth, learn and think through the many challenges of leading a complex organisation. My confidence, self-belief and vision have grown, and I have the courage and focus to tackle what I might otherwise avoid.

Rebekah Iiyambo

CEO Eko Trust


I’d been promoted to heading up a huge department and wasn’t sure where to start, and how to handle the more vocal and challenging members of the partnership. Working with Margaret I found the thinking space to develop my vision and the confidence to put my ideas into practice. I have now developed a high performing group; we are continuing to grow and are outstripping our financial targets.

Sally Powell
Partner Tees Law

I was finding the transition to my new role challenging, I loved my old job and missed key parts of it. The timing of the change left me feeling I had unfinished business. Consequently when I was promoted I found it hard to let go of my old job and slipped into  defensive behaviours and ended up with no real work life balance – working crazy hours and most weekends too. Working with Margaret allowed me the space to slow down, reflect and find some real clarity.  She provided the space and the challenge to work through my thoughts and feelings about my role. I gained a greater insight to my own stress behaviours and the impact they have. Now I still work hard, I have a much better work life balance and I am focused on delivering what I need to in my new role. I am also able to ensure my successor now has the space to grow in her role too.

Deborah Strain
Executive Leader Eko Trust

The success of the day is testament to Margaret’s skill in design, implementation and execution of virtual meetings. During the session she facilitated effectively ensuring energy levels were high throughout the day, everyone was involved and had a voice, and each session concluded with firm agreement including well defined & owned carry forward actions. The workshop was a huge success. We were all surprised how easy the day had been, the breadth of what we achieved, how quickly time had flown, and what fun we had along the way. I can positively say my team are looking forward to repeating the virtual format.

Nick Elford

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