I am Margaret Allen, an experienced executive coach, facilitator and organisation development consultant; my business is MEA Consulting Ltd.

I work with businesses & organisations to enhance their leadership capability and work with individuals and teams to develop their potential. Many of the organisations I work with are experiencing fundamental change and are looking for new strategies to lead through the challenges and complexities that today’s world presents.

Largely I offer bespoke solutions for each client, although over the years I have developed a range of material which I can draw from. I work either on my own or with a few carefully chosen associates. I have experience in many different organisations, large and small, private & public sector, across the FMCG, service, education & charity sectors. My success is proven by my clients, many of whom have worked with me for many years and we have developed a collaborative partnership approach.

"Working with Margaret has been a phenomenal opportunity"

Working with Margaret has been a phenomenal opportunity to unpick my internal thought process and deal with the pressures associated with a senior leadership position in a complex setting. Margaret’s approach to the sessions immediately placed me at ease with difficult issues being explored and new behaviours learnt. Her warmth, encouragement and passion to help others succeed supported our work and I have learnt both from Margaret and perhaps of equal importance, myself. I would recommend Margaret unreservedly.

Headteacher, London

“She had a great way of engaging the group”

Margaret is a joy to watch and listen to when she’s facilitating the training in the plenary sessions. She had a great way of engaging the group and making sure we didn’t lose focus when getting tired towards the end of day. It was refreshing every time she entered ‘the stage’ as she was very articulate and energising! I was lucky enough to have her as the video facilitator and really enjoyed the possibility to work with her as well.

Team Leader, Professional Services, Europe 

“She was incredibly supportive in her approach”

Margaret coached me through career ‘transition’ by giving me the critical questions to encourage me to find my own answers and personal approaches.  She was incredibly supportive in her approach yet determined to push me to take a good look at myself, actively channel my enthusiasm and energy into setting stretching goals and building my own resilience to establish realistic and exciting future plans.

Kate Barclay, NED & Consultant

“Truly dedicated, experienced coach”

Margaret was very engaging. I loved how she usually joins different tables during dinner to get to know everyone a bit more. Truly dedicated, experienced coach with a lovely attitude to share her knowledge and experience. I appreciated her being able to connect with me outside of the program (over dinner) and share her life experiences. Margaret has a very candid personality and is a great facilitator and very effective coach. 

Recent feedback from Leadership Programme in Dusseldorf, Germany 

“I’ve worked with her for more than 10 years”

Margaret is an utter professional blending knowledge and expertise with the subtleties of an excellent coach. I’ve worked with her for more than 10 years where she has coached me individually and within a team environment to great effect. Team coaching is always particularly effective in terms of creating an open, positive culture where individuals feel valued. She is particularly good at creating this dynamic. 

Helen Trevorrow, Managing Director, Unspun Agency

“I would like to say THANK YOU for all your help”

I would like to say THANK YOU for all your help, for pressing the right buttons. I am back and much more positive and I am back to form, very clear for others and for me. I have lost all the nervous thoughts I had before and can concentrate on the person in front of me. This has been the most valuable 30 minutes in my life!!

Services Leader, Professional Servies, Europe

"...very energetic and motivating."

Margaret is a real powerhouse, very energtic and motivating. Great balance between theory and illustrative samples.

Participant – European Leadership & Communication Programme

"the feedback was extremely positive"

Thank you for facilitating a session at our Company Day for us to engage with our Values. The session was very well received, and the feedback was extremely positive. It proved to be a really lively and positive start to the day. 

Mike Palfreman, Chief Executive, Haven House Children’s Hospice

"on reflection it has been one of the best CPD decisions I made for myself"

The first year in a new school can be a very daunting experience even for an experienced primary school headteacher like myself. Margaret was recommended to me by a colleague to provide coaching in that first year and on reflection it has been one of the best CPD decisions I made for myself. I have found Margaret to be a true professional in every sense of the word. Her coaching style including skillful questioning and the ability to connect theory with practice provided a real platform for me to reflect upon and address some of the issues I faced. I would thoroughly recommend her. 

Headteacher, London 

"Margaret is an excellent coach"

Margaret has been my coach since January 2017 and we have had coaching sessions on the phone and over Skype. Margaret is an excellent coach! Although we have never met face-to-face we have built up a great coaching relationship where I feel that I am being challenged and supporting in reaching my business goals. I would highly recommend Margaret as a coach. 

Owner, HR Business, Scotland

"I felt as though I was being gently guided towards a more constructive mindset based in reality of situations."

During our walks Margaret helped me to see things from different perspectives with thoughtful questions and pieces of advice – I felt as though I was being gently guided towards a more constructive mindset based in the reality of situations. The weeks between sessions allowed me to reflect further and test out different ways of approcahing things, ofte supported by material Margaret had sent me as well as my own research. By the final session, the process had led me to a new sense of awareness about how it was in my gift to choose to respond to situations in a more even-handed, constructive and positive way. Margaret and our sessions were instrumental to achieving this and I am grateful to have had this opportunity. 

James Weston, Pay and Reward Manager

"...she had a great understanding of our team dynamics."

Margaret has been amazing; she had a great understanding of the team dynamics and gave great advice and insight. I’ve really appreciated working with her!

Participant – European Leadership & Communication Programme

Executive Coaching

Individual and group coaching has become a more popular development intervention, as leaders are keen to maximise the time they invest in their growth and the learning of their teams.

Team Development

By harnessing the potential of each individual and establishing teamworking principles, behaviours and practices, teams can move from being dysfunctional to delivering substantial results.

Training Design Delivery

Design of learning programme, facilitator materials, participant guides. Train the facilitator workshops to enable you to run the programme in house, which can be more cost effective in the long term.


Meetings and teams that are well facilitated tend to achieve their outcomes with balanced participation in a quick and robust way.