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I am Margaret Allen, an experienced leadership and team development coach and organisation development consultant; my business is MEA Consulting Ltd.

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I work with businesses & organisations to enhance their leadership capability and with individuals and teams to develop their potential. Many of the organisations I work with are experiencing fundamental change and are looking for new strategies to lead through the challenges and complexity that today’s world presents. I specialise in the following:


Leadership; Influencing strategies; Coaching skills;

Improving personal productivity; Facilitation.



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Executive Coaching

Individual and group coaching has become a more popular development intervention, as leaders are keen to maximise the time they invest in their growth and the learning of their teams.

Team Development

By harnessing the potential of each individual and establishing teamworking principles, behaviours and practices, teams can move from being dysfunctional to delivering substantial results.

Training Design Delivery

Design of learning programme, facilitator materials, participant guides. Train the facilitator workshops to enable you to run the programme in house, which can be more cost effective in the long term.


Meetings and teams that are well facilitated tend to achieve their outcomes with balanced participation in a quick and robust way.


Largely I offer bespoke solutions for each client, although over the years I have developed a range of material which I can draw from. I work either on my own or with a few carefully chosen associates. I have experience in many different organisations, large and small, private & public sector, across the FMCG, service, education & charity sectors. My success is proven by my clients, many of whom have worked with me for many years and we have developed a collaborative partnership approach.

Margaret is an utter professional blending knowledge and expertise with the subtleties of an excellent coach. I’ve worked with her for more than 10 years where she has coached me individually and within a team environment to great effect. Team coaching is always particularly effective in terms of creating an open, positive culture where individuals feel valued. She is particularly good at creating this dynamic.

Helen Trevorrow

Managing Director, Unspun Agency


Feel free to make contact and I will be pleased to talk to you in more detail.