Meetings and teams that are well facilitated tend to achieve their outcomes with balanced participation in a quick and robust way. I am skilled in facilitating in a variety of situations be it a specific business meeting e.g. a strategy meeting, a series of project meetings or team events. These may involve a small group of people or range up to a large company event such as a timeout or away day.

Typically, when the participants are passionate about the subject and want to focus on the content of the meeting, I can really support by providing you with a game plan, process, tools, and hands-on facilitation to give you the confidence that your outcomes will be achieved. when participants are reluctant to attend a session, I can help to provide energy and a sense of purpose.

I’ve worked with Margaret for 10 years in corporate and entrepreneurial set-ups and found her input and support immensely useful as coach, consultant and facilitator. Not only has she helped me and my team successfully navigate significant periods of organisational change she has always provided us with a toolkit that can be used long after. She always seems to cut through the noise to get to the heart of an issue, which I really value.

Nikki Welch

Owner, Convivium Wine


Feel free to make contact and I will be pleased to talk to you in more detail.